We provide upfront pricing while we are always readily available to serve our customers. For same day electrical installation and repairs, come to APlus Electrician Sylmar. We ensure your safety and provide high-quality services.

Here are some of the services that we provide to our esteemed customers.

Emergency Electrical Services

APlus Electrician Sylmar provides 24/7 available electrical technicians. Our residential and commercial electricians are readily available and we will dispatch them to fix the issue. Whether during the daytime or at night, we ensure that we fix the problem as quickly as possible. When you call APlus Electrician Sylmar, we dispatch the team that is closest to your location. This is exactly the reason we have several mobile teams operating near the residential area and commercial centers.

Residential electrician Sylmar California

When you need an electrician at your residential home, call APlus Electrician Sylmar. Whatever the project, be assured that our electricians will be readily available to assist you. from appliance installation, lighting solutions, and other electrical services, APlus Electrician Sylmar provides the best expertise. Our residential electricians will also be available for at-home electrical repairs. We ensure that we send trusted electrical installation teams to work at your home. for front-of-the-line service, contact APlus Electrician Sylmar.

Commercial electrician services

APlus Electrician Sylmar provides a full array of commercial electrical services. we provide qualified electricians to service your electrical installation and repair requirements throughout Sylmar and the surrounding areas. With years of experience serving different commercial establishments, we have earned the skill and technique required for electrical installations. When you contact us, we respond in a timely manner making sure that your requirements are met. Talk to APlus Electrician Sylmar today and enjoy the best commercial electrical installations.

Switch, Outlets, Wiring, and Fans Repair and Installations

Are you constructing a new home or commercial building and you need an electrician for the electrical installations? At APlus Electrician Sylmar, we provide our customers with trusted installation services. Whether electrical outlets, building wiring, fans repair or new installations, we are the reliable electrical services provider you can always count on. Our electricians ensure a professional job when carrying out any electrical installations. If you need an electrician to install these important electrical components, just call APlus Electrician Sylmar.

Installation of Smart Home Equipment

Technology is changing most things and even homeowners do not want to be left behind. When it comes to installation of smart solutions in your home, talk to APlus Electrician Sylmar. We provide our customer’s installation of smart solutions for home use. We provide installation of different smart devices and applications to make your home better living space. Talk to us today for professional installation of the smart solutions. We provide fair pricing for the different smart solutions while our technicians are always ready to assist you. do not be left behind as your neighbors invest in smart solutions for their homes. Talk to APlus Electrician Sylmar today and we shall provide you expert advice when it comes to installation of smart solutions for the home.